Frequently Asked Questions: General

Q: What is "Normal Processing Time" shown in the first row on the category screens?
A: Normal Processing Time is the approximate number of days it takes for us to get the item from the seller and inspect it.  If you need items quickly, buy items with Normal Processing Time of 2-3 days.

Q: Why is there such a wide range of prices?
A: Different prices are due to the various sellers who have items for sale. (It is not a difference in quality of product.)

Q: How much is shipping?
A: See Shipping and Tracking of My Swarovski Order for rates.

Q: What does NB mean? What does NC mean?
A: NB = No Box; NC = No Certificate

Q: Is the Swarovski Certificate important?
A: Read more about Swarovski Certificates here.

Q: I want to know more about the Swarovski Logos. Do you have more information available on them?
A: You can learn about the Swarovski Logos on our site too.

Q: What is in the Swarovski Sale?
A: This newer feature on our site is for Swarovski crystal that is attractively priced. It is intented for very motivated sellers to aid in quicker sales.

Q: What does "Designer Signature" mean?
A: "Designer Signature" means the designer has personally signed the piece using an etching pen.

Q: The Swarovski item I am looking for is not on the site. Can Crystal Exchange America get it for me?
A: First, we ask that you try searching for it on the Complete Printable List on our site.
If you still cannot find it, Contact Us and we will try to find it. We can also put your name on a waiting list for it.  Then when we do get a listing for it, we can let you know. There is no fee for this service.

Q: Does Crystal Exchange America recommend any Swarovski Books or Swarovski Software for identifying and inventorying my Swarovski collection?
A: You will find all this information on the Swarovski Books & Publications page of our site.

Q: I found a cheap Swarovski AE (Annual Edition) on the site that I want to purchase. Can it be safely shipped to me?
A: Due to safety concerns for the fragile nature of Swarovski figurines, we will not ship any Swarovski AE without an original Swarovski Box. If you wish to purchase an SCS Annual Edition w/o a box, you will be required to supply an original box, or purchase a box from us (if we have one available). If you cannot supply the box and are not willing to purchase the box, the item will be deleted from the order.

Q: Does Crystal Exchange America glue, repair, or restore damaged Swarovski crystal?
A: No, we don't. Check out the links on Swarovski Restoration for experienced professionals.

Q: Can you tell me more about the 'inspection process'?
A: Swarovski experts do profession inspections on all crystal figurines sold. Read more about our inspections on our web site.

Q: How do I view a picture of the item?
A: In our Store, click on the Swarovski name and part number to view the item details along with a list of prices we have the Swarovski items available. There, you will find a "stock photo" of the Swarovski crystal piece.

Q: I'm having some difficulties viewing pictures.  What do I do?
A: To view images, simply move your mouse over the text "View Image of (Swarovski Name)".