Frequently Asked Questions: Selling Swarovski Crystal

Q: Where can I find an overview about Selling Swarovski on your site?
A: Alot of important information about selling Swarovski can be found from the Sell My Swarovski page of our site.

Q: How long does it take for sellers to get paid for their Swarovski Crystal?
A: Sellers are paid when the sale of the Swarovski Crystal item is complete. The time frame will be different for brokering versus consignment. The estimate for brokering is 2 - 6 weeks.

Q: Are there any fees involved to the seller to sell Swarovski Crystal?
A: Listing, selling, and advertising your crystal on our web site are all FREE.

Q: Does Crystal Exchange America purchase Swarovski Crystal or Swarovski collections?
A: No, we do not purchase Swarovski Crystal or Swarovski collections outright. We don't have extra storage or insurance to carry an inventory of crystal. It is worthwhile to note that when dealers or collectors purchase a collection, they do expect to get a bargain and that the owner will probably only get 20%-30% of its current worth. That is because the buyer is most likely going to part it out and sell it to make a profit. So, it may be in your best interest to check out the Sell My Swarovski information on our site. This service is FREE to sellers.

Q: What are the requirements to get a Swarovski Crystal item featured on the Swarovski Sale section?
A: The price on the item must be very attractive, and we may request additional photos of the exact item being sold.