Selling Swarovski & Traditional Brokering

Listing is FREE, so list as much as you want. We keep your listings in our database and on our web site until they sell.

We have all the information about selling available in PDF document.

There are 5 easy steps for you to follow in order to list your items with us...

  1. Compile a list of the items you wish to sell.
    Buyers prefer to purchase items with the most amount of information, even if it means spending a few dollars more. Therefore, it is in the seller's best interest to try and provide with the item name, part # and variation of the item along with details on the paperwork and packaging.

  2. CLEAN and INSPECT your items.
    Be sure to note:

    • Is the piece in MINT condition or is it damaged in any way (scratches, nicks, etc)

    • Do you have the certificate, generic booklet, or accompanying paperwork?

    • Do you have the original box?

  3. Set the price.
    If you are unsure about setting prices, we can help you do this by considering recent sales trends and our current listings.

  4. Provide the selling information to us.
    Print the PDF Seller Listing Form and fill it out with complete details then Fax or Mail it to us, or use our Secure Listing Form. Give us all the above information regarding the pieces you wish to sell. When you tell us the "prices", let us know if they are Seller's Net or List Prices. We also need information about you for our database: Name, Address, Phone #, FAX # and Email Address.

  5. Keep us up-to-date.
    If you are selling your crystal privately, in online auctions or using other brokers, let us know when you sell items. It can be disappointing for buyers when the items you listed are not available.

Selling Procedure

  1. We will contact you when we have a buyer for your piece.
    We primarily use e-mail for this so that you have record of the transaction.  If you don't have email, or do not reply to our emails, we will phone you.

  2. CLEAN and RE-INSPECT your items.
    We suggest you thoroughly dust off your crystal to bring out its shine.  Then using bright lights, look at every angle on every side of your item.  And don't forget to turn it upside down to check for damage.  These simple steps can save time, money, and disappointment if you find nicks/chips that you may have previously overlooked.
    ***EFFECTIVE MARCH 1, 2007...items that have an obvious accumulation of dust will be subject to a cleaning fee of $10 per item, which will be deducted from payment due to the seller.

  3. Send your item(s) to us.
    Please send your item(s) within 3 days of notification!  We recommend that you pack them well, allowing for cushioning on all sides of the item(s), especially if you are shipping without original manufacturer packaging.  Be sure to insure the item(s) for the seller net.  The seller pays cost of shipping the item(s) to us for the inspection.  (For international sellers, any duties we incur to receive your item(s) will be deducted from the Seller's Net.)

  4. We will perform Our Inspection.  Items that fail our inspection or are not as represented by the seller, are returned to the seller at the seller's expense.  Return fees start at $25 and go up as the value of the item(s) increases. All returns are sent via UPS.

  5. We will process the buyer's payment and ship when we have the buyer's complete order here and inspected.
    We do not send any items to buyers without cleared checks or credit card authorization. This process generally takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the number of items in the buyer's order.

  6. If buyers reject items that pass our inspection, we pay the return shipping to you.  (This very rarely occurs.)

  7. Sellers are paid when the transaction is complete
    We generally issue checks near the 15th and 30th of the month.

  8. Payment Options
    We issue business checks to pay all sellers and they are sent using 1st class US Mail (no fee). However, if you are an international seller or prefer a different method of payment, here are the options:

    • Wire-transfer - $25 fee for USA banks

    • Wire-transfer - $75 fee for international banks

    • "Bank check" / "Cashier's check" - $25 fee

    • Payment sent using "Registered Mail" or via UPS - $25 fee

  9. Sale Complete!

The success of selling is largely determined by the prices items are listed at. It is critical to price items competitively if you truly hope to sell.

Check out the Complete Printable Listing to see items currently available.

Our commission is 20% of the selling prices for items selling over $125.

On items $125 or less, it is $25.

List Price
This is the price that the buyer pays.

It INCLUDES our commission.

The prices advertised on our site are the List Prices.

Seller's Net
This is the amount that the seller receives when the sale is complete.

It does NOT INCLUDE our commission.

This amount is 80% of the List Price.

On items $125 or less, it is the List Price minus $25.